cisco vpn setup

cisco vpn setup

The educational video for setup Cisco VPN on Windows x

Cisco VPN on Windows 10, 8, 7

cisco vpn setup;

  1. Download “Anyconnect” App, so Unzip and install the file below:

2. After installing,  Open the software Anyconnect,
Enter one of PotentVPN’s IP addresses (Hostname), for example:

cisco vpn setup

3. If you get the picture below ( Our vpn has a SSL valid and you don’t see the message below):

4. Untick “block connections to untrusted server ”

setup anyconnect - cisco vpn

5. In continue the App “anyconnect” wants you enter VPN username and password,
then you are connecting on cisco vpn easily.

cisco vpn config

1: If you get any Error , so close the program and open it again.
2: you can not connect CiscoVPN with others VPN services at same time, so Disconnect others VPN services then connect on CiscoVPN.

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