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Get VPN Service providers can finally offer managed encryption without a provisioning and management nightmare since GET VPN simplifies the provisioning, Simple & Easy to Use. Total Internet Privacy on 6 Devices with Potent and strong vpn.

2019 Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco Confidential/Proprietary. GETVPN Design and Implementation Guide. Group Encrypted Transport.
Jump to GET VPN GM Authorization – Cisco Group Encrypted Transport VPN. Cisco Group Encrypted Transport VPN (GET VPN) is a set of features that are necessary to secure IP multicast group traffic or unicast traffic over a private WAN that originates on or flows through a Cisco IOS device.

Supports services IKev2, PPTP, OpenVPN, Cisco VPN, IPSec
Group Encrypted Transport VPN is a tunnel-less VPN technology meant for private networks like MPLS VPN where we use a single SA (Security Association) for all routers in a group.

Traditional IPSec has some scalability issues because it’s point-to-point. A VPN is one of the best, easiest tools you can use to secure your data and … You can usually get a discount if you buy longer-term contracts.
Thanks to the GOP, ISPs can now sell your entire web browsing history to anyone without your permission. Who does this benefit? No one.

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