Good VPN Service

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Good VPN Service

VPN providers are 3 Groups: Excellent – Good – Bad
We discuss about Good VPN at this post, A good VPN have some features that include:

Multiple services and protocols: Means id a service doesn’t support on your ISP, or the ISP blocked the service like PPTP, so you can connect ithers protcols like Ikev2 (usually ISP can’t block this protocol for some issues).

Multiple Logins: Means you able to connect a VPN on several devices at same time, PotentVPN offer 5 user

Cheapest rate: That you pay the fee at lowest rate! Potent VPN provides $1 VPN at this moment.

Encryptes data: Some vpn providers use invalid ssl instead of valid ssl; because valid ssl is not free and they have to disburse it. A valid SSL encrypt your Data upto 2048 bit!

Also Potent VPN does not keep clients Data, becase a VPN goal is that users be anonymously.