ikev2 vpn download

ikev2 vpn download

ikev2 vpn download has 3 section:
1. Ikev2 VPN for Windows
2. Ikev2 VPn for Android
3. Ikev2 VPN for IOS

There are Ikev2 VPN as default on Windows and IOS. And you don’t need install App, but on Android you need install App “StrongSwan” to connect by Ikev2 VPN.

On Windows (10, 8, 7) If your vpn connection be on Automate, it will be connected on Ikev2 or PPTP, if the vpn server has a strong config for Ikev2, so you first connect on Ikev2, else PPTP.

PotentVPN sends you a vpn connector (.pbk) and you connect the vpn easily.

setup ikev2 vpn or pptp on Windows 10: https://potentvpn.com/setup-vpn-on-windows-10/
setup Ikev2 vpn on Android: https://potentvpn.com/android-vpn/
setup ikev2 vpn on IOS: https://potentvpn.com/ios-vpn-setting/
setup Ikev2 vpn on Mac: https://potentvpn.com/ios-vpn-setting/

To setup all vpn service on OS & devices go to the page: https://potentvpn.com/vpn_connection/

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