vpn connection refused

vpn connection refused

“vpn connection refused” maybe for the below reasons happened:
1. Invalid username and password
2. Expired the vpn account
3.The vpn service or protocol doesn’t support on your ISP
4. OS firewall (like Windows firewal) blocked the service (e.g. cisco vpn)
5. Antivirus Identifies the vpn connection (like openconnect or Anyconnect) as bad software

And a lot of reasons that you get “vpn connection refused” on your system.

PPTP IOS VPN Connection Refused?
Because IOS doesn’t support PPTP.

A reason of “vpn connection refused” for SSL VPN like cisco vpn or IKev2 vpn, is invalid ssl on the server. And vpn providers must use valid ssl. PotentVPN use only ssl valid for all vpn services.

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