vpn connection Windows 10

vpn connection windows 10

The educational video for setup vpn connection on Windows x

vpn connection Windows 10, 8, 7

1- Go to “Start” and click on the “Control Panel”.
– Click on “Network and Internet” – if you do not see such icon, skip to next step
– Click on “Network and Sharing Center”, then on “View network status and tasks” link
Path (copy-paste on the Address Bar):
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

– Now click on the “Set up a new connection or network”.

2 – Click on the “Connect to a workplace” selection and then click on “Next”.

3- Click on “Use my Internet connection (VPN)” to create the VPN connection.

4 – Under “Internet address” you should enter the server host name which needs to match the location that you have purchased.

vpn connection windows 10
– Note: Please take a look at the bottom of the page to see the list of IP address.
– Add any name that you want in the “Destination name:” field, we recommend something that can help you quickly indentify the connection.
– Make sure that “Remember my credentials” is checked like on the picture and click on “Create”.

5- Click on the “Connections” icon near your system clock in the bottom right corner.

6- Right click on the connection you have just created and then click on “Properties”

7- You need to go to “Security” tab and select the same options Type of VPN : “Automatic” OR “PPTP” OR ” Ikev2″; recommended choice “IKEv2”
Data encryption: “Require encryption”

connection for Windows 10

8- Click on the “Connections” icon near your system clock in the bottom right corner just like in step 5.

– Click on the “Connect” button and you will be asked your username and password.
– Enter the VPN username and password.
– After you enter the login details (which will be saved) click on “OK” button to connect.
– You should see a similar screen indicating that you have been connected.

* Make sure that your security software (like antivirus and firewall) is set to allow the VPN connection.

Note: PotentVPN send you a vpn.pbk file to connect for Windows x, and you enough enter vpn username and password to connect the vpn easily.

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