Potent VPN Server Locations

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All servers below (Host IP) support PPTP, OpenVPN and OpenConnect.

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# Location Server IP Host IP OpenVPN Profile   PPTP IKEv2 OpenConnect
1 AU-Australia S1 au1.ocservvpn.com Australia S1.zip  

2 AU-Australia S2 au2.ocservvpn.com Australia S2.zip  

3 AU-Australia S3 au3.ocservvpn.com Australia S3.zip  

4 AU-Australia S4 au4.ocservvpn.com Australia S4.zip  

5 AT-Austria at1.ocservvpn.com Austria.zip  

6 BE-Belgium be1.ocservvpn.com Belgium.zip  

7 BG-Bulgaria S1 bg1.ocservvpn.com Bulgaria S1.zip  

8 BG-Bulgaria S2 bg2.ocservvpn.com Bulgaria S2.zip  

9 BG-Bulgaria S3 bg3.ocservvpn.com Bulgaria S3.zip  

10 CA-Canada S1 ca1.ocservvpn.com Canada S1.zip  

11 CZ-Czech Republic S1 cz1.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S1.zip  

12 CZ-Czech Republic S10 cz10.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S10.zip  

13 CZ-Czech Republic S2 cz2.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S2.zip  

14 CZ-Czech Republic S3 cz3.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S3.zip  

15 CZ-Czech Republic S4 cz4.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S4.zip  

16 CZ-Czech Republic S5 cz5.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S5.zip  

17 CZ-Czech Republic S6 cz6.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S6.zip  

18 CZ-Czech Republic S7 cz7.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S7.zip  

19 CZ-Czech Republic S8 cz8.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S8.zip  

20 CZ-Czech Republic S9 cz9.ocservvpn.com Czech Republic S9.zip  

21 DK-Denmark dk1.ocservvpn.com Denmark.zip  

22 FI-Finland S1 fi1.ocservvpn.com Finland S1.zip  

23 FI-Finland S2 fi2.ocservvpn.com Finland S2.zip  

24 FI-Finland S3 fi3.ocservvpn.com Finland S3.zip  

25 FI-Finland S4 fi4.ocservvpn.com Finland S4.zip  

26 FR-France S1 fr1.ocservvpn.com France S1.zip  

27 FR-France S2 fr2.ocservvpn.com France S2.zip  

28 FR-France S3 fr3.ocservvpn.com France S3.zip  

29 FR-France S4 fr4.ocservvpn.com France S4.zip  

30 FR-France S5 fr5.ocservvpn.com France S5.zip  

31 FR-France S6 fr6.ocservvpn.com France S6.zip  

32 DE-Germany S1 de1.ocservvpn.com Germany S1.zip  

33 DE-Germany S10 de10.ocservvpn.com Germany S10.zip  

34 DE-Germany S11 de11.ocservvpn.com Germany S11.zip  

35 DE-Germany S12 de12.ocservvpn.com Germany S12.zip  

36 DE-Germany S13 de13.ocservvpn.com Germany S13.zip  

37 DE-Germany S14 de14.ocservvpn.com Germany S14.zip  

38 DE-Germany S15 de15.ocservvpn.com Germany S15.zip  

39 DE-Germany S16 de16.ocservvpn.com Germany S16.zip  

40 DE-Germany S17 de17.ocservvpn.com Germany S17.zip  

41 DE-Germany S18 de18.ocservvpn.com Germany S18.zip  

42 DE-Germany S19 de19.ocservvpn.com Germany S19.zip  

43 DE-Germany S2 de2.ocservvpn.com Germany S2.zip  

44 DE-Germany S20 de20.ocservvpn.com Germany S20.zip  

45 DE-Germany S21 de21.ocservvpn.com Germany S21.zip  

46 DE-Germany S22 de22.ocservvpn.com Germany S22.zip  

47 DE-Germany S23 de23.ocservvpn.com Germany S23.zip  

48 DE-Germany S24 de24.ocservvpn.com Germany S24.zip  

49 DE-Germany S25 de25.ocservvpn.com Germany S25.zip  

50 DE-Germany S26 de26.ocservvpn.com Germany S26.zip  

51 DE-Germany S27 de27.ocservvpn.com Germany S27.zip  

52 DE-Germany S28 de28.ocservvpn.com Germany S28.zip  

53 DE-Germany S29 de29.ocservvpn.com Germany S29.zip  

54 DE-Germany S3 de3.ocservvpn.com Germany S3.zip  

55 DE-Germany S30 de30.ocservvpn.com Germany S30.zip  

56 DE-Germany S31 de31.ocservvpn.com Germany S31.zip  

57 DE-Germany S32 de32.ocservvpn.com Germany S32.zip  

58 DE-Germany S33 de33.ocservvpn.com Germany S33.zip  

59 DE-Germany S34 de34.ocservvpn.com Germany S34.zip  

60 DE-Germany S35 de35.ocservvpn.com Germany S35.zip  

61 DE-Germany S36 de36.ocservvpn.com Germany S36.zip  

62 DE-Germany S37 de37.ocservvpn.com Germany S37.zip  

63 DE-Germany S38 de38.ocservvpn.com Germany S38.zip  

64 DE-Germany S39 de39.ocservvpn.com Germany S39.zip  

65 DE-Germany S4 de4.ocservvpn.com Germany S4.zip  

66 DE-Germany S40 de40.ocservvpn.com Germany S40.zip  

67 DE-Germany S41 de41.ocservvpn.com Germany S41.zip  

68 DE-Germany S5 de5.ocservvpn.com Germany S5.zip  

69 DE-Germany S6 de6.ocservvpn.com Germany S6.zip  

70 DE-Germany S7 de7.ocservvpn.com Germany S7.zip  

71 DE-Germany S8 de8.ocservvpn.com Germany S8.zip  

72 DE-Germany S9 de9.ocservvpn.com Germany S9.zip  

73 HK-Hong Kong S4 hk4.ocservvpn.com Hong Kong S4.zip  

74 HK-Hong Kong S1 hk1.ocservvpn.com Hong Kong S1.zip  

75 HK-Hong Kong S2 hk2.ocservvpn.com Hong Kong S2.zip  

76 HK-Hong Kong S3 hk3.ocservvpn.com Hong Kong S3.zip  

77 IN-India in1.ocservvpn.com India.zip  

78 IE-Ireland ie1.ocservvpn.com Ireland.zip  

79 IT-Italy S1 it1.ocservvpn.com Italy S1.zip  

80 IT-Italy S2 it2.ocservvpn.com Italy S2.zip  

81 IT-Italy S3 it3.ocservvpn.com Italy S3.zip  

82 IT-Italy S4 it4.ocservvpn.com Italy S4.zip  

83 IT-Italy S5 it5.ocservvpn.com Italy S5.zip  

84 LV-Latvia S1 lv1.ocservvpn.com Latvia S1.zip  

85 LV-Latvia S2 lv2.ocservvpn.com Latvia S2.zip  

86 LV-Latvia S3 lv3.ocservvpn.com Latvia S3.zip  

87 LT-Lithuania S1 lt1.ocservvpn.com Lithuania S1.zip  

88 LT-Lithuania S2 lt2.ocservvpn.com Lithuania S2.zip  

89 LT-Lithuania S3 lt3.ocservvpn.com Lithuania S3.zip  

90 NL-Nehterlands S1 nl1.ocservvpn.com Nehterlands S1.zip  

91 NL-Nehterlands S4 nl4.ocservvpn.com Nehterlands S4.zip  

92 NL-Nehterlands S5 nl5.ocservvpn.com Nehterlands S5.zip  

93 NL-Nehterlands S2 nl2.ocservvpn.com Nehterlands S2.zip  

94 NL-Nehterlands S3 nl3.ocservvpn.com Nehterlands S3.zip  

95 PL-Poland S1 pl1.ocservvpn.com Poland S1.zip  

96 PL-Poland S2 pl2.ocservvpn.com Poland S2.zip  

97 PL-Poland S3 pl3.ocservvpn.com Poland S3.zip  

98 PL-Poland S4 pl4.ocservvpn.com Poland S4.zip  

99 PL-Poland S5 pl5.ocservvpn.com Poland S5.zip  

100 PT-Portugal pt1.ocservvpn.com Portugal.zip  

101 RO-Romania ro1.ocservvpn.com Romania.zip  

102 RU-Russia S1 ru1.ocservvpn.com Russia S1.zip  

103 RU-Russia S2 ru2.ocservvpn.com Russia S2.zip  

104 RU-Russia S3 ru3.ocservvpn.com Russia S3.zip  

105 SG-Singapore S1 sg1.ocservvpn.com Singapore S1.zip  

106 ZA-South Africa S1 za1.ocservvpn.com South Africa S1.zip  

107 ES-Spain S1 es1.ocservvpn.com Spain S1.zip  

108 SE-Sweden S1 se1.ocservvpn.com Sweden S1.zip  

109 CH-Swiss S1 ch1.ocservvpn.com Swiss S1.zip  

110 CH-Swiss S2 ch2.ocservvpn.com Swiss S2.zip  

111 CH-Swiss S3 ch3.ocservvpn.com Swiss S3.zip  

112 CH-Swiss S4 ch4.ocservvpn.com Swiss S4.zip  

113 CH-Swiss S5 ch5.ocservvpn.com Swiss S5.zip  

114 TR-Turkey tr1.ocservvpn.com Turkey.zip  

115 UK-United Kingdom S1 uk1.ocservvpn.com United Kingdom S1.zip  

116 UK-United Kingdom S2 uk2.ocservvpn.com United Kingdom S2.zip  

117 UK-United Kingdom S3 uk3.ocservvpn.com United Kingdom S3.zip  

118 UK-United Kingdom S4 uk4.ocservvpn.com United Kingdom S4.zip  

119 UK-United Kingdom S5 uk5.ocservvpn.com United Kingdom S5.zip  

120 UA-Ukraine S1 ua1.ocservvpn.com Ukraine S1.zip  

121 UA-Ukraine S2 ua2.ocservvpn.com Ukraine S2.zip  

122 UA-Ukraine S3 ua3.ocservvpn.com Ukraine S3.zip  

123 US-New York S5 us46.ocservvpn.com New York S5.zip  

124 US-New York S6 us47.ocservvpn.com New York S6.zip  

125 US-New York S7 us48.ocservvpn.com New York S7.zip  

126 US-New York S8 us49.ocservvpn.com New York S8.zip  

127 US-New York S9 us50.ocservvpn.com New York S9.zip  

128 US-California S1 us11.ocservvpn.com California S1.zip  

129 US-California S10 us32.ocservvpn.com California S10.zip  

130 US-California S11 us37.ocservvpn.com California S11.zip  

131 US-California S12 us52.ocservvpn.com California S12.zip  

132 US-California S13 us54.ocservvpn.com California S13.zip  

133 US-California S14 us61.ocservvpn.com California S14.zip  

134 US-California S15 us62.ocservvpn.com California S15.zip  

135 US-California S16 us63.ocservvpn.com California S16.zip  

136 US-California S17 us64.ocservvpn.com California S17.zip  

137 US-California S18 us85.ocservvpn.com California S18.zip  

138 US-California S19 us86.ocservvpn.com California S19.zip  

139 US-California S2 us25.ocservvpn.com California S2.zip  

140 US-California S20 us35.ocservvpn.com California S20.zip  

141 US-California S21 us19.ocservvpn.com California S21.zip  

142 US-California S3 us13.ocservvpn.com California S3.zip  

143 US-California S4 us16.ocservvpn.com California S4.zip  

144 US-California S5 us18.ocservvpn.com California S5.zip  

145 US-California S6 us22.ocservvpn.com California S6.zip  

146 US-California S7 us24.ocservvpn.com California S7.zip  

147 US-California S8 us29.ocservvpn.com California S8.zip  

148 US-California S9 us30.ocservvpn.com California S9.zip  

149 US-Denver S1 us89.ocservvpn.com Denver S1.zip  

150 US-Denver S10 us69.ocservvpn.com Denver S10.zip  

151 US-Denver S2 us84.ocservvpn.com Denver S2.zip  

152 US-Denver S3 us91.ocservvpn.com Denver S3.zip  

153 US-Denver S4 us90.ocservvpn.com Denver S4.zip  

154 US-Denver S5 us96.ocservvpn.com Denver S5.zip  

155 US-Denver S6 us95.ocservvpn.com Denver S6.zip  

156 US-Denver S7 us94.ocservvpn.com Denver S7.zip  

157 US-Denver S8 us93.ocservvpn.com Denver S8.zip  

158 US-Denver S9 us92.ocservvpn.com Denver S9.zip  

159 US-Florida S1 us53.ocservvpn.com Florida S1.zip  

160 US-Florida S10 us71.ocservvpn.com Florida S10.zip  

161 US-Florida S2 us2.ocservvpn.com Florida S2.zip  

162 US-Florida S3 us101.ocservvpn.com Florida S3.zip  

163 US-Florida S4 us102.ocservvpn.com Florida S4.zip  

164 US-Florida S5 us103.ocservvpn.com Florida S5.zip  

165 US-Florida S6 us75.ocservvpn.com Florida S6.zip  

166 US-Florida S7 us83.ocservvpn.com Florida S7.zip  

167 US-Florida S8 us36.ocservvpn.com Florida S8.zip  

168 US-Florida S9 us6.ocservvpn.com Florida S9.zip  

169 US-Georgia S1 us3.ocservvpn.com Georgia S1.zip  

170 US-Georgia S10 us77.ocservvpn.com Georgia S10.zip  

171 US-Georgia S2 us10.ocservvpn.com Georgia S2.zip  

172 US-Georgia S3 us15.ocservvpn.com Georgia S3.zip  

173 US-Georgia S4 us17.ocservvpn.com Georgia S4.zip  

174 US-Georgia S5 us74.ocservvpn.com Georgia S5.zip  

175 US-Georgia S6 us44.ocservvpn.com Georgia S6.zip  

176 US-Georgia S7 us12.ocservvpn.com Georgia S7.zip  

177 US-Georgia S8 us98.ocservvpn.com Georgia S8.zip  

178 US-Georgia S9 us5.ocservvpn.com Georgia S9.zip  

179 US-Illinois S1 us7.ocservvpn.com Illinois S1.zip  

180 US-Illinois S10 us59.ocservvpn.com Illinois S10.zip  

181 US-Illinois S11 us60.ocservvpn.com Illinois S11.zip  

182 US-Illinois S12 us65.ocservvpn.com Illinois S12.zip  

183 US-Illinois S13 us66.ocservvpn.com Illinois S13.zip  

184 US-Illinois S14 us67.ocservvpn.com Illinois S14.zip  

185 US-Illinois S15 us68.ocservvpn.com Illinois S15.zip  

186 US-Illinois S2 us31.ocservvpn.com Illinois S2.zip  

187 US-Illinois S3 us38.ocservvpn.com Illinois S3.zip  

188 US-Illinois S4 us40.ocservvpn.com Illinois S4.zip  

189 US-Illinois S5 us51.ocservvpn.com Illinois S5.zip  

190 US-Illinois S6 us55.ocservvpn.com Illinois S6.zip  

191 US-Illinois S7 us56.ocservvpn.com Illinois S7.zip  

192 US-Illinois S8 us57.ocservvpn.com Illinois S8.zip  

193 US-Illinois S9 us58.ocservvpn.com Illinois S9.zip  

194 US-Nevada S1 us104.ocservvpn.com Nevada S1.zip  

195 US-Nevada S10 us112.ocservvpn.com Nevada S10.zip  

196 US-Nevada S2 us105.ocservvpn.com Nevada S2.zip  

197 US-Nevada S3 us106.ocservvpn.com Nevada S3.zip  

198 US-Nevada S4 us107.ocservvpn.com Nevada S4.zip  

199 US-Nevada S5 us34.ocservvpn.com Nevada S5.zip  

200 US-Nevada S6 us73.ocservvpn.com Nevada S6.zip  

201 US-Nevada S7 us20.ocservvpn.com Nevada S7.zip  

202 US-Nevada S8 us39.ocservvpn.com Nevada S8.zip  

203 US-Nevada S9 us111.ocservvpn.com Nevada S9.zip  

204 US-New Jersey S1 us1.ocservvpn.com New Jersey S1.zip  

205 US-New York S1 us99.ocservvpn.com New York S1.zip  

206 US-New York S10 us70.ocservvpn.com New York S10.zip  

207 US-New York S11 us76.ocservvpn.com New York S11.zip  

208 US-New York S12 us78.ocservvpn.com New York S12.zip  

209 US-New York S13 us79.ocservvpn.com New York S13.zip  

210 US-New York S14 us80.ocservvpn.com New York S14.zip  

211 US-New York S15 us81.ocservvpn.com New York S15.zip  

212 US-New York S2 us23.ocservvpn.com New York S2.zip  

213 US-New York S3 us26.ocservvpn.com New York S3.zip  

214 US-New York S4 us41.ocservvpn.com New York S4.zip  

215 US-Seattle S1 us27.ocservvpn.com Seattle S1.zip  

216 US-Seattle S10 us42.ocservvpn.com Seattle S10.zip  

217 US-Seattle S11 us118.ocservvpn.com Seattle S11.zip  

218 US-Seattle S2 us21.ocservvpn.com Seattle S2.zip  

219 US-Seattle S3 us82.ocservvpn.com Seattle S3.zip  

220 US-Seattle S4 us4.ocservvpn.com Seattle S4.zip  

221 US-Seattle S5 us88.ocservvpn.com Seattle S5.zip  

222 US-Seattle S6 us87.ocservvpn.com Seattle S6.zip  

223 US-Seattle S7 us28.ocservvpn.com Seattle S7.zip  

224 US-Seattle S8 us8.ocservvpn.com Seattle S8.zip  

225 US-Seattle S9 us33.ocservvpn.com Seattle S9.zip  

226 US-Texas S1 us9.ocservvpn.com Texas S1.zip  

227 US-Texas S10 us100.ocservvpn.com Texas S10.zip  

228 US-Texas S11 us113.ocservvpn.com Texas S11.zip  

229 US-Texas S12 us114.ocservvpn.com Texas S12.zip  

230 US-Texas S13 us115.ocservvpn.com Texas S13.zip  

231 US-Texas S14 us116.ocservvpn.com Texas S14.zip  

232 US-Texas S15 us117.ocservvpn.com Texas S15.zip  

233 US-Texas S2 us72.ocservvpn.com Texas S2.zip  

234 US-Texas S3 us43.ocservvpn.com Texas S3.zip  

235 US-Texas S4 us14.ocservvpn.com Texas S4.zip  

236 US-Texas S5 us108.ocservvpn.com Texas S5.zip  

237 US-Texas S6 us109.ocservvpn.com Texas S6.zip  

238 US-Texas S7 us110.ocservvpn.com Texas S7.zip  

239 US-Texas S8 us97.ocservvpn.com Texas S8.zip  

240 US-Texas S9 us45.ocservvpn.com Texas S9.zip